All your KPIs.
At your fingertips.

Stay on top of everything and gain insights into your organization with an automated, easy-to-use analytics reporting system.

Reporting has never
been easier.

Spend more time on strategy and analysis, and less time searching for documents, taking screenshots, or downloading reports to share with your team.

Your whole team.
One single source of truth.

Collaborating with your team is a breeze when all of your company's accurate real-time metrics are in one place.

Introducing, your new...

Custom Data Analytics Ecosystem

If you aren't tracking it, how will you know where your business comes from?

If you aren't measuring it, how will you know when you improve?

If you aren't analyzing it, how will you know which steps to take next?

If you aren't setting goals, how will you know when you should celebrate?

If you don't have a system, how will you keep on top of everything?

We work with you to create a custom turnkey digital analytics reporting ecosystem that empowers you and your team to confidently gain insights into your website's performance and all of your marketing efforts.

Our Process

Our process is a relaxed, personalized collaboration with you. We make sure you're comfortable with every step we take while we build your analytics system together.

We also provide fun walkthrough videos and easy-to-follow documents, so you and your team can confidently maintain your analytics system on your own.

Data Collection

Imagine having all of your data sources automatically stored in Google Sheets, and configured in Google Data Studio for visualization.

From Google Analytics, to social media analytics, to advertising platform data, to your own spreadsheets - we bring it all into one single source of truth for you and your team to easily access and maintain.

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Data Visualization

We build custom, easy-to-read dashboards that focus on your unique key metrics you need to analyze in order to take informed action.

Your branded Google Data Studio dashboards are beautifully-designed, interactive interfaces that are perfect for presenting to or sharing with stakeholders.

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Data Interpretation

Seeing the data is the first step.

Understanding your data is the key to improving your business through data-driven decision-making.

We work with you from the very start to learn how to uncover insights from your unique data and dashboards, empowering you to confidently use your system.

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Our Packages

Everything begins with creating your custom analytics measurement plan, and configuring Google Analytics for your unique needs.

If you're looking for deeper insights into your audience, marketing or sales efforts, we can develop additional custom dashboards for your social media, advertising and web traffic reports, as well as any internal reporting spreadsheets.

Analytics Measurement Plan Development

All of our services begin with designing and implementing a measurement plan for your marketing efforts and website visitors.

Are you tracking your top KPIs?
Are you tracking things properly?
Are you tracking anything?

Audit or New Setup
We perform an audit of your current analytics implementation, to uncover technical and strategic opportunities for improvement.

No analytics on your site yet? No worries! We'll set up a custom implementation with best practices.
Campaign Tracking Structure
Give credit to your efforts and team, and know what's working (or isn't).

We design a consistent naming convention to help you keep everything organized and accurate.
KPI Definition
Are you focusing on the Key Performance Indicators that will measure whether you're making an impact?

We work together to ensure that your dashboards will  provide you with the metrics that matter.

Package #1

Google Analytics 4 Reporting Ecosystem

Everything you and your team need to hit the ground running
Where are your site visitors coming from?  
What are they doing on your site?  
Did they complete the task(s) you wanted them to take?

We work together to define the KPIs around your organization’s unique needs, and the visualizations that will help you achieve your goals.

We make sure you're tracking the events that matter to you: form submissions, purchases, downloads, video views, or whatever is unique to your website. Then we distill the most important details into engaging, uncluttered tables and charts that allow you to see what you need to act on.
Data Source: Google Analytics 4
Analytics Tracking Plan
Interpretation Training
Walkthrough Videos & Support Docs
Let's Go!

Package #2

Complete Analytics Reporting System

Get a complete picture of your organization's analytics in one place
The data you're gathering in Google Analytics is only one side of the coin, which is whatever you can measure on your website, or that you feed into the platform. But what about all the measurable stuff that happens outside of your website, like engagement with posts in ad platforms or social media platforms, or your own spreadsheets that you painstakingly maintain?

To see the complete picture of your analytics, we'll set up additional dashboards for your social media, advertising and web traffic reports, as well as any internal reports you're currently using.

Get even deeper insights into your audience, and make better decisions with easy access to your KPIs from across all your platforms integrated together in one place.
Data Sources: Website, Search, Social, Advertising, Internal
Analytics Tracking Plan
Interpretation Training
Walkthrough Videos & Support Docs
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Transform Your

Data Management
Sales Strategy
Marketing Strategy

Save yourself and your team hours every week.
Invest that time back into your family, your team, and your business.

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Who We Are

Transform Your Org is the product of collaboration between Jess and Avi Phillips, a husband and wife team who have diverse and complementary backgrounds in the areas of marketing, search engine optimization, website development, analytics, social media strategy and management, customer service and non-profit management.

We love seeing the glee in our clients' eyes when they first start interacting with their new dashboards, and we love hearing about the lasting, transformative change our systems have provided for organizations.

Common Questions

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!

Is there a recurring cost to maintain the system?

Your analytics system is mostly built with free Google products: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Looker Studio, Google Sheets. A typical setup will not involve any recurring monthly costs.

You'll always be fully informed about any potential costs you may incur from recommended tools to achieve your data needs.

Do you offer maintenance or support?

While the goal is to empower you and your team to be self-sufficient, you may be interested in tweaking your dashboards, adding new data sources or functionality, or additional help with analytics interpretation. We're available for whatever you need at an hourly rate.

Is my data safe and secure?

We don't touch any of your original data at their sources, so there is no risk of compromising or altering your information. Your system is built with tools that provide industry-standard security and technical support. Only you can share access to any component of your analytics system.

Will I still own my data?

The tools and data are owned by you, and we only have access as long as you share them with us.

Will you work with any amount or type of data?

In our discovery call with you, we'll find out if we're a good fit for each other.
“As a growing non profit, we were in need of some serious organization and data integration. We operate multiple projects, with multiple contractors and funders. Transform Your Org was able to streamline all our projects and create automated systems that make my life, and the lives of my staff, infinitely easier.”
Sydney Black
“A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must consumers to take action.”
Heather Miller
“A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must consumers to take action.”
Andrew Collins


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